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Acrylic Dentures

Your Dentist at Falkirk Dental Care can recommend acrylic dentures to fill gaps or replace all the missing teeth from the upper JAW, lower jaw or both.

Often referred to as tissue borne, these pink plastic dentures are supported mainly by the gums. While the plastic components can surround the existing teeth in the mouth, they do not gain any substantial levels of stability from them.

Some acrylic partial fittings feature metal clips or clasps, but rather than adding greater support, these fixtures simply help to retain the dentures in the correct position.

What are the benefits of Acrylic Dentures?

Dentures of this kind are typically cheaper to manufacture and require a less sophisticated design than other varieties, such as partial models made from metal or flexible dentures. As a result, they are often recommended and fitted in situations when cost is a concern.

Other situations when acrylic dentures typically offer advantages over alternative fixtures include when they are only required temporarily, or are being placed immediately on the day of a tooth's extraction as a temporary measure.

As with any form of denture, acrylic prosthetics also offer several other benefits to wearers. The presence of teeth helps to provide a natural facial appearance and can potentially help to increase people's self-confidence. Furthermore, the fittings themselves can provide support for the lips and cheeks that can often take on a 'collapsed' appearance in patients with missing teeth.

The ability to chew food correctly suffers if teeth are lost and can be improved by wearing acrylic dentures. This in turn means that food can be digested more easily as it moves through the body, helping people to take the maximum possible nutritional benefit from the meals they consume. Consequently, acrylic dentures can not only boost the health and appearance of the mouth and face, but also of the body as a whole.

If teeth are lost, people can often find their ability to speak clearly is impaired, particularly in the case of the anterior teeth – namely the incisors and canines. Those who opt for acrylic dentures should therefore find that their pronunciation improves, with the benefit likely to be especially noticeable when using words that contain fricatives and sibilants.
All dentures of this nature are finished in high-impact acrylic, meaning they are able to stand up to the wear and tear that affects teeth on a daily basis

What is the procedure for getting Acrylic Dentures?

Your Dentist will first assess your teeth to see if acrylic dentures will be suitable for your case.

In the case of small acrylic dentures, it is possible in some cases to do an impression on the same day and make and fit the denture on the same day.

In the case of larger acrylic dentures, we will also have to do bite registration and try-in stage and this requires two more visits to the clinic.

You will be provided with a treatment plan before the treatment begins outlining how many visits are needed and what would be the cost of your dentures.

How do I take care of my Acrylic Dentures?

Acrylic Dentures need to be cleaned daily just like teeth need to be cleaned to avoid the build-up of bacteria on their surfaces. You can use your toothbrush and toothpaste or use specially made denture cleaning agents.

When cleaning your acrylic dentures in a sink, ensure that there is some water in the sink before you begin cleaning. This is to ensure that the dentures can be cushioned by the water should they fall out of your hand into the sink during cleaning.

Ideally plastic dentures should be kept out of the mouth at night in order for the mouth soft tissue not to be covered all the time. However if you do keep your denture in your mouth at night time too, you must make sure that your denture and soft tissues are cleaned very day and ensure that good oral hygiene is maintained.