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Using the most up-to-date techniques and technologies, we offer our patients a wide range of dental treatments,
from routine check ups to complete restoration and cosmetic treatments to ensure you have "Confidence In Your Smile".

Falkirk Dental Care offers an emergency service for patients who may require immediate treatment due to an infection or breaking a tooth.

Patients who require emergency dental treatment are urged to contact the practice as soon as possible to resolve the issue, which could worsen over time and ultimately result in wider oral health issues or a long period of unnecessary pain and discomfort.

While some people might never require emergency dental treatment they might experience a chipped tooth, de-bonded or fractured crown or veneer or a severe bout of toothache that is in need of urgent attention.

This form of care may require an emergency consultation which at the current time is available only during normal opening hours between 8am and 8pm Monday-Friday, and 10am and 6pm on a Saturday. 

To arrange an emergency appointment for the same day, we ask patients to first call the practice on 01324 671 278 to arrange their emergency appointment as soon as the practice is open at 8am. Patients will then be given a specific appointment time to attend the practice.

To book an emergency appointment, it is not necessary for you to be an existing patient at Falkirk Dental Care, we will perform emergency dental treatment for you. If you are not a patient and wish to be seen at short notice as an emergency patient, there will be a standard charge of £50, this charge is separate to any additional cost for treatment that might be required. If you wish to register and you still wish to be seen as an emergency patient, the standard emergency fee of £50 still applies unless your dental emergency can wait until a suitable appointment is available.

The type of emergency dental treatment that may be required can be temporary or a complete course of treatment that may be followed up by further appointments during normal surgery hours. Should you wish to return to your own dentist for the rest of the treatment after the emergency dental treatment, you are welcome to do so.

On arrival at the Clinic you will be met by a member of staff who will ask you to fill in a simple medical history form and if you wish, you can be registered as a patient of the clinic.

Before attending the practice, an ice pack should be added to cases of facial swelling, tooth loss or high dental trauma before seeking clinical attention and pressure should be added to injuries causing bleeding prior to visiting the dental clinic.

Once the situation is under control, the dentist providing emergency dentistry will be able to provide treatment for the problem. In many cases, a tooth that has fallen out can be fixed back into place, but it is vital for patients to think fast and contact the practice as soon as the injury has occurred.

X-rays will be carried out for most patients in order to assess the extent of the injury while determining any possible solutions to the issue.


Dental Trauma cases involve the tooth being forced out of its natural position, knocked out completely or fractured, with each type of injury requiring its own special type of care.

Individuals whose teeth have been pushed out of alignment are advised to apply small amounts of pressure to reposition the tooth back into place, while those whose tooth has fallen out completely should clean any debris and store the tooth in a glass of milk and immediately come to the practice. call the practice on 01324 671 278
  • After avoiding the dentist for quite some time, I came to Falkirk Dental Care and cannot thank them enough. Dr. Mohammed made me feel at ease the whole time, explaining all he was doing. I would definitely recommend Falkirk Dental Care

    Amy Sutherland Falkirk
  • Both my dentist and dental nurse are fantastic with me. I am a very nervous patient & they always make me feel at ease & look after me well.

    Deborah Smith Dr Bilal's patient
  • Dr Bilal understood all my anxieties, throughtout the process of tooth removal he ensured I was informed what he was doing and why.

    His assistant (Beverly) too was amazing, holding my hand and talking to me, even finding music I liked to act as a distraction.

    Ailsa Gosman Dr Bilal's patient
  • The dentist was very curteous and caring. Thanks for the work you did on my teeth, staff are all well mannered and easy to approach. So thanks again!

    Elizabeth Bourke Dr Bilal's patient
  • The dentists were excellent they made me feel very relaxed. The treatment was completely pain free, I would recommend this dental surgery to anyone.

    Daniel Midtt Dr Bilal's patient
  • Absolutely excellent service, really pleased with the results, 1st class service.

    Andrew Forsyth Dr Bilal's patient
  • A wonderful dentist, kind, caring and gentle. Explains everything and always wants the best for the patient. Highly recommended.

    Alison Grainger Dr Bilal's patient