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Valplast Dentures
If you’ve lost your teeth through an accident, gum disease or to decay, you don’t have to live with the missing teeth for the rest of your life. How your teeth look can have a huge effect on your day-to-day life and there are treatments available that can help boost your confidence and achieve a hollywood smile.

Valplast dentures are made from acrylic (pink plastic) or metal materials. Valplast dentures are made from an incredibly strong nylon resin. Acrylic and metal dentures are generally a heavier option, which can in extreme cases cause jaw ache and making the whole experience much less worthwhile and enjoyable.

Valplast dentures have no metal clasps and the transparent material above the teeth makes them appear more natural. They are lightweight and comfortable due to their flexibility and movement in the mouth and because there are no metal components, this dramatically reduces irritation or inflammation of the gums which is common among denture wearers. Also, patients who suffer allergies to acrylic or metals are assured they are safe to use to improve their smile.

Valplast Dentures are priced at £350 << TBC

  • Dr Bilal understood all my anxieties, throughtout the process of tooth removal he ensured I was informed what he was doing and why.

    His assistant (Beverly) too was amazing, holding my hand and talking to me, even finding music I liked to act as a distraction.

    Ailsa Gosman Dr Bilal's patient
  • Both my dentist and dental nurse are fantastic with me. I am a very nervous patient & they always make me feel at ease & look after me well.

    Deborah Smith Dr Bilal's patient
  • The dentist was very curteous and caring. Thanks for the work you did on my teeth, staff are all well mannered and easy to approach. So thanks again!

    Elizabeth Bourke Dr Bilal's patient
  • The dentists were excellent they made me feel very relaxed. The treatment was completely pain free, I would recommend this dental surgery to anyone.

    Daniel Midtt Dr Bilal's patient
  • Absolutely excellent service, really pleased with the results, 1st class service.

    Andrew Forsyth Dr Bilal's patient
  • After avoiding the dentist for quite some time, I came to Falkirk Dental Care and cannot thank them enough. Dr. Mohammed made me feel at ease the whole time, explaining all he was doing. I would definitely recommend Falkirk Dental Care

    Amy Sutherland Falkirk
  • A wonderful dentist, kind, caring and gentle. Explains everything and always wants the best for the patient. Highly recommended.

    Alison Grainger Dr Bilal's patient