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Looking to regain confidence? Get that dream smile with your new perfect fitting dentures!

Welcome to the Bespoke Denture Studio @ Falkirk’s premier dental practice.

Here's the great news folks ... now you can get that dream smile with your new perfect fitting dentures! 

So ... What's the difference between a Clinical Dental Technician and a Dental Technician?

What is the Bespoke Denture Studio?


Bespoke Denture Studio is a state-of-the-art service available in the heart of Falkirk, specialising in delivery of the best fitting, most comfortable and natural looking dentures

Your treatment is fully customised to your needs and is delivered by our Clinical Dental Technician (CDT) using advanced technology and the very latest and best materials.


The Clinical Dental Technician (CDT) is a member of the dental team who is dual qualified as a Clinician and Dental Technician.


What does it mean to you ? 

It means that your bespoke dentures are made by the same person who is seeing you in the clinic. This ensures you are getting exactly what you want in the most efficient way.

What we do?

Quite simply ... we change lives by improving your health & confidence, coupling this with your best smile and the best version of you. 


What Treatments do we offer?


  • Private comprehensive range of denture treatment 

  • Oral health check and cancer screening 

  • Smile road maps to help you achieve that dream smile 

  • Complete (full) suction dentures 

  • Cosmetic Dentures 

  • Partial dentures 

  • Metal dentures 

  • Flexi Dentures 

  • Immediate denture 

  • Express Emergency Dentures

  • Implant dentures 

  • Professional Denture cleaning services 

  • Denture relines 

  • Denture repairs 

  • Fluoride treatment 

  • Dry mouth treatment 

  • Sports mouth guards

  • Hard and soft Splints 

  • Teeth whitening 

  • Same Day Smile



How much does it cost?


Depending on the treatment required, costs will vary but be very competitive. We believe everybody deserves to have a great smile, thats why we offer a full range of flexible payments plans and finance


The Bespoke Denture Studio Team 


Want to find out more?  
please call on
01324 671278
or email 
to book a consultation.

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