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At Falkirk Dental care we provide NHS dentistry for our patients via our highly qualified NHS dentists.

 In order to receive NHS dental treatment, first you will need to register as a NHS patient. 


Once you have registered, you can then start to receive NHS Dental treatment. 


Information can be found at:

After you've registered

We will will give you a dental check-up and:

  • ask if you have any health problems

  • examine your mouth, teeth and gums and tell you how to keep them healthy

  • tell you if you need treatment


If you need treatment the dentist will:

  • explain your options, including what treatments can be done on the NHS

  • let you know the cost

  • give you a treatment plan

  • tell you when you need to come back

Note, not all dental treatment options may be available on the NHS. 


What treatment can I get as a registered NHS patient?

Dentistry is rapidly changing and advancing field at Falkirk Dental Care we work hard to keep up with these changes so that we can offer you up to date treatments and materials that optimise your health and comfort. 


Not all dental treatment options are available on the NHS. 


Information can be found on:


Dental Emergency

If you have a dental emergency:

  • During opening hours, contact the  practice as soon as possible

  • Outside opening hours, call the practice. The answer-phone message will tell you where to get treatment and advice.


You can also find emergency dental care by visiting NHS 24.


NHS treatments -  Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to pay for my NHS check up?

No, the NHS check up is free.


Will I have to pay for NHS dental treatment? 

Most adults over 18 have to pay for dental treatment. You won't have to pay if you're under 19 and in full-time education.


If I’m pregnant do I need to pay for NHS treatment?

No. Your treatment is paid by the government. 


I had a baby in the last 12 months, do I need to pay?

Congratulations! No, Your treatment is paid by the government.


Are white fillings available on my back tooth?

No, not on the biting surface of your tooth, only metal fillings are available. 


What are metal fillings?

These are metal fillings that have been used since the beginning of NHS dentistry in the UK. They are grey in colour and are made of a mixture of metals - one of which is mercury. 


Do I need to pay for my NHS check up?

No, the NHS check up is free. 


Can I have a dental implant on the NHS?

The short answer is no. The NHS does provide Dental Implants to patients in certain circumstances. 


Can I have my teeth whitened on the NHS?

The short answer is No, this is a cosmetic treatment. 


Can I have a metal free crown on the NHS?

The short answer is No, this is a cosmetic treatment.


Can I have Laser Dentistry on the NHS?



Can I have Clear Aligners to straighten my teeth on the NHS?


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