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Changing lives by improving your health, confidence, coupled with your best smile and the best version of you.

Welcome to the Smile Max Studio @ Falkirk’s premier dental practice.

Here's the great news folks, now you can get that Hollywood, dream smile right on your doorstep ... or close to your doorstep.

What is SmileMax Studio?


SmileMax Studio is  a  state-of-the-art Dental Service available in the heart of Falkirk, that specialises in Cosmetic Dentistry and maximises technology and comfort to deliver you that SmileMax Smile.  It's not rocket science. If you want to buy a great cake, you can go to a supermarket .. they sell cakes .. but if you want a super-duper cake you go to a specialist cake shop. So, if you're looking to maximise your smile, come and see us at the SmileMax Studio.

What we do?

Quite simply .. we change lives by improving your health, confidence, and couple this with your best smile and the best version of you

Don't take our word for it...

Please click on our video testimonials to hear from a few of our many valued patients who have been kind enough to tell you about their experience and treatment at Falkirk Dental Care.

SmileMax Studio - Patient Testimonials

SmileMax Studio - Patient Testimonials

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What Treatments do we offer?


  • Private Comprehensive Dental Health Checks

  • Smile Road-maps to help you achieve that DREAM SMILE

  • Straight Teeth with Invisalign and Clear Invisible Aligners. 

  • The Latest Tooth Whitening Treatments 

  • Metal-free Dentistry 

  • Composite Bonding 

  • Treatment of Gummy Smiles

  • Same-day Smiles

  • Dental Implants 

  • Laser Dentistry

  • Pain-free Dentistry 

  • Fear-free Dentistry

  • Wedding Packages 


How much does it cost?


We believe Everybody deserves to have a great smile, that's why we work with you right from the start and you can achieve this from as little as £15.95 per month

Your SmileMax Studio Team 


The SmileMax Promise

We promise to deliver you fear-free, pain-free advanced cosmetic dentistry. 

Want to find out more?  
please call on
01324 671278
or email 
to book a consultation.

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