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Tooth fillings or dental fillings are a common dental treatment. Nearly everyone once in his / her lifetime has a tooth filling treatment. Tooth fillings or dental fillings are required for decayed teeth. On a decayed tooth bacteria form cavities by breaking down the tooth enamel, the outer layer of our teeth. If a decayed tooth is not treated properly it may lead to tooth extraction. Tooth fillings also may be used to repair a worn, a broken or a cracked tooth. There are four types of fillings available in dentistry: amalgam fillings, gold dental fillings, ceramic fillings, composite fillings.


At Falkirk Dental Care, we recommend the use of composite fillings or white fillings.


Composite tooth fillings are very popular and broadly in use because:


  • They are fitted immediately and you don’t have to wait for a dental laboratory to fabricate them.

  • They have low cost in comparison with other types of fillings.

  • They are safe. They are not composed of disputable materials such as mercury, which many countries have already restricted or banned the use of.

  • They have high durability and strength if the patient doesn’t have the habit of chewing objects

  • They have the ability to bond better to the tooth structure and therefore prevent further decay

  • They are minimally invasive because most of the times less amount of tooth structure has to be removed.

  • And of course, cosmetically, they are the best option since people won’t notice them. Composite fillings can almost have the color of your natural teeth because we can mix shades of colour to match it.


Tooth fillings under some circumstances may not be the best solution for your health. The size of the cavity, the position of the cavity, the position of the decayed tooth may need a different restorative treatment such as dental crowns, dental bridges or dental veneers.


Clinically proven

Tetric is a classic among the universal composites. 15 years of clinical experience speak for themselves. Given its improved properties, Tetric is a modern composite which has proven its clinical effectiveness.

  • Natural shade blend: Coordinated light refraction indexes of fillers, monomer matrix and nano-colour pigments

  • Proven clinical performance: 85,000,000 restorations have been placed worldwide

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