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General Dental Treatments

Teeth straightening for adults in Edinburgh at Vitaliteeth Dental Spa.


  • Do you feel self-conscious when you smile because of your crooked teeth?

  • Do you smile for photos?

  • When you meet people for the first time, do you think that the first thing they notice is your uneven teeth? 

  • Do you avoid to smile or even stay silent to prevent people from seeing your teeth? 

  • You know that braces may be a solution, but you think you are too old to wear them?


Well, the answer is that adult braces and orthodontic treatments have become very common nowadays. Men and women of all ages start to smile again after they have straightened their teeth. Today, there are plenty of options, besides those traditional metal braces that are used for the treatment of complex orthodontic cases. You can choose among braces and aligners which are quite discreet and will help you gain confidence in your smile in quite a short period of time.


You have to keep in mind that crooked teeth, misaligned teeth or teeth with gaps surely affect our look and our confidence. However, crooked teeth are not just a flaw in the way we look but also affects our oral health.


Crooked teeth increase the possibilities of developing problems such as

  • Bad breath

  • Tooth decay

  • Tooth cracked

  • Gum diseases such as gingivitis

  • Digestive disorders

  • Speech problems


The first step is to overcome your anxiety for smiling and find the option that fits best to your lifestyle, your work, and your social life.


In Vitaliteeth Dental Spa we offer orthodontic treatments which are focused on teeth straightening for adults with fixed or removable appliances such as Cfast and Inman Aligner.


Call us or contact us to book your initial consultation to achieve the straight smile that you strongly wish for. In the initial consultation, we will estimate the condition of your teeth and plan an orthodontic treatment that you will feel most comfortable with. 


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