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Laser Dentistry

Here, at FDC we are so committed to bringing you the latest treatment/technologies in order to make your experience and treatment better. So we have brought Laser Dentistry to you!

Now you are wondering, what's the big deal?

“Here s the big deal: NO DRILLS! That’s pretty big, don’t you think?


That’s fantastic! But that’s not all: with laser dentistry, the light kills the bacteria, so basically IT DISINFECTS YOUR TOOTH at the same time, this does not happen with a conventional drill.

The success of the Waterlase system is attributed to Hydrophotonics technology. This is the fusion of laser light and water to gently remove decayed tooth tissue. The laser never actually touches the tooth, unlike a drill, so you don’t have that anxiety provoking noise and vibration of a dental drill. With laser dentistry, the sound is more like that of a popcorn machine!

The Advantages of using laser dentistry don't stop there. Using laser dentistry we can numb in and around the tooth allowing some fillings to be done without the need for an injection and also no feeling of numbness for hours afterwards. The laser beam is much kinder to the tooth as it is so precise that it can just focus on the area of decay, leaving surrounding tissue and bone undamaged. This leads to a much improved and faster healing time, a distinct advantage of laser dentistry.

Advantages of Using Laser Technology:

  • No dental drill sound

  • No Heat generated from dental drill

  • No Injections

  • Increased Precision

  • Kills Bacteria

  • Faster Healing

  • Kinder for Children

  • Makes teeth less sensitive

  • Improved bonding of filling materials to tooth


Pain free fills without injections

Laser light can numb the fibres in and around the tooth, this allows small and medium fills to be done without the need for an injection.

Laser Dentistry For Children

The laser is the ideal if your child needs a filling due to decay or an accident. Children don't see the laser as an instrument of fear. So laser dentistry is an excellent choice for children. Children don’t see the laser as an instrument of fear.


Greater Bonding Of Filling Materials

Using laser dentistry, we can prepare your teeth in a way that maximises the bonding of tooth coloured fillings allowing them to last longer.

Laser Tooth Desensitising

Laser dentistry can gently seal the nerve ending in the open pores of the roots leading to an immediate reduction in sensitivity!

Laser Assisted Tooth Extraction

If you require a tooth to be removed, this can be done more kindly with the use of laser dentistry. The laser gently works its way around the roots until the tooth can be removed much more gently. This also leads to improved healing and less pain afterwards.

Laser Light Healing

Laser “Band –Aid” treatment using low doses of light to stimulate the cells to heal faster and to reduce pain and inflammation is well known in medicine and works just as well for dental treatment. Excellent to speed up the healing of dental ulcers, cold sores and also after surgery.

Certain treatments involving laser dentistry are available on a 0% finance plan. Ask for further details.

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