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Snap-on Smiles are a cosmetic dental device made from a flexible acetyl resin, which can be 'snapped' over your natural teeth for an instant smile makeover.

The device easily clips on, over and around your teeth and can be worn on a day-to-day basis. Treatment is non-invasive, comfortable and an affordable alternative to veneers.

It works in the way that it sits over your existing teeth to create a beautiful new low cost smile. They are created to look like a natural set of healthy, attractive teeth, and because the teeth are matched to the colour of natural teeth the design it is extremely lifelike and they are created to fit your mouth perfectly without the need for any bonding or adhesives and your new set of teeth can fit around your own natural teeth giving you confidence to Smile again.


Snap-on Smiles - The positives:

  • Creates a healthy, natural looking smile

  • The process is completely reversible

  • Low cost compared to many other cosmetic dental treatments

  • Easy to care for


Snap-on Smiles: FAQ’S


Are Snap-on Smiles right for me?

Snap-on Smiles can either be used for the temporary or long-term restoration of your smile. It is swiftly becoming an alternative to veneers. The treatment is also reversible and involves no change to your gums or teeth. Here at Falkirk Dental Care, we will work with you to achieve the device that looks and feels right for you.


How long does the treatment take?

Most Snap-on Smiles treatments can be completed within two meetings. However, the lab requires time to mould and custom design the cosmetic appliance, so a reasonable time frame is within four weeks.


How will it last?

Snap-on Smiles can be used as a temporary solution for approximately 12 months, or a long-term restoration, with a replacement cosmetic dentistry device created after the 12 months. Following your dentist's care guidelines can ensure the longevity of your device.



Contact us today to discuss pricing and payment options.

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